When a young, uptight police lieutenant comes up against a street-wise and sexually aggressive empath, sparks fly…

Lieutenant Black, an intense young man with a mysterious past and a hatred of the street drug Bliss, is the leader of the police team which frequently targets psypaths, those with psychic powers. When the beautiful and sexy empath Calyx Starr is pulled from the streets and forced onto his team as part of the police captain’s secret agenda, Black must deal not only with Starr’s relentless seductions, but also a dangerous telepath with a deadly grudge who has targeted the empath and Black’s team. Calyx Starr isn’t used to being denied. Born on the streets and forced into a life of prostitution to fuel his Bliss habit, Calyx is street-wise and tough, and thinks he can use Black for his own secret plans. However the more Calyx learns about Black and his team, the more the empath begins to think Black may be more than a challenge…he may be the only man Calyx can trust with his life and his heart. Too bad Black is a man with dangerous secrets, and becoming involved with him means Calyx may wind up dead or psychically destroyed.


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Lieutenant Black, the young, driven leader of the Special Forces team JC2, has reluctantly brought the sexy and distracting empath, Calyx Starr, onto his team. To Black’s dismay, he finds himself fending off not only Starr’s relentless flirtations but also his growing curiosity about Black’s past. While Black tries to keep things professional between them and protect his secrets, he and Starr go undercover to infiltrate a pornography ring that caters to deviant psypaths. It’s an assignment that risks everything Black is fighting for. Contains strong scenes of dubious consent and noncon.


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Two men from vastly different backgrounds can’t fight their attraction to each other despite the forces that seek to tear them apart.

While Black and Calyx work to deepen their relationship in the wake of the Consortium disaster, enemies and lovers from Black’s past rise up to drag him and JC2 into a gang war against Genesis that will test everyone’s loyalties and force Black to decide who he is and who he fights for.


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Sexy psychics and a police lieutenant with deadly secrets…forced to work and live together in a futuristic city full of danger.

With his team battered and broken, Lieutenant Black of the JCPD is forced to incorporate yet another psypath into the ranks, this time the beautiful prescient named Parker. But Parker is more than a new teammate, he’s an important link to the past Black has been working so diligently to erase, and he’s the first man who has ever claimed to love him. Black isn’t happy to have him for a variety of reasons, but he needs JC2 up and running before the next threat hits. As far as Calyx Starr is concerned, Fate is conspiring against his love life. Laid up because of Parker’s deception, Calyx just wants to get back to the business of seducing Black. He’s convinced JC2’s sexy young leader is on the verge of falling for him, but now that Parker is on the team, Calyx’s hands are full dealing with jealousy and misunderstandings. When a revenge plan is hatched against Black, the men of JC2 face their biggest challenge yet, but how can they band together to defend their leader when they can’t come together as a team?


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A cop on the run from his past tries to find love with a sexy, street-wise empath against the backdrop of an impending psychic war…

Black might be a lieutenant and the leader of a Special Forces police team, but long ago he was something else, something worse. And now his past lovers have risen up to oppose him, becoming enemies where he thought he had allies. Calyx Starr’s empathy is a curse rather than a gift, as he and Black struggle to survive conspiracies and obsession. The two men are chased relentlessly by the mad telepath Genesis, who also has a connection to the lovers Black can’t put behind him. Black and Calyx try to grow closer to each other, but in Juxtapose City love is hard to come by. With a war between normals and psypaths looming on the horizon, the two men fight a fate that promises heartache, suffering and betrayal.


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Some truths are terrible. Some can break even the strongest connections.

A joint mission between JC1 and JC2 can only lead to trouble for Lieutenant Black and his team. Convinced JC1 is running surveillance on them, Black and his men close ranks as they go undercover at a nightclub where a psypath gang is trafficking psypaths into the Silent City. For Calyx Starr, this is an opportunity to escape to the psypath haven and leave the abuse he’s suffered in Juxtapose City behind. For Black, it’s his nightmare: the clashing of the psypath world with the future he has been working diligently to attain. When the mission goes horribly wrong and Calyx is faced with the terrible truth about Black, is his love for Black strong enough to keep them together, or is the pull of life among his own kind too powerful for the empath resist?


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Team against team, psypath against psypath…there are no such thing as allies in Juxtapose City.

Now that the terrible truth is out, life has only grown more complicated. Genesis has full control over the men of JC2, forcing them to commit atrocities across the city and destroying Black’s reputation in the process. Even if Black succeeds in rescuing his teammates, the JCPD and Captain Dickerson may not be forgiving. Meanwhile, anti-telepath sentiment in Juxtapose City is on the rise, spearheaded by a man from Black’s dark past who wants all telepaths dead. Black and Calyx find themselves in a unique and unenviable position: on the run from both fellow psypaths and the police. The only way to survive is to go on the offensive. Together they must do their own manhunt and bring down Genesis and the mysterious man who saved him seven years ago.


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When the only choice is war, whose side will you choose?

In the clutches of Captain Dickerson once again, Black suddenly finds a reason to remain in the employ of the JCPD: his team has been handed over to another lieutenant, and it’s not Lieutenant Sundhill. Alarmed by the identity of this man, Black knows he can’t leave his teammates to fend for themselves, especially now that the lines of war are finally being drawn in the sand. Worse, Dickerson’s experiments appear to be expanding their focus. Forced to take a side, Black does what Calyx believes is the unthinkable and agrees to lead an army. Is Black leading them all to war? Or is he playing a game with Genesis that could change everything, and which might leave Calyx as the last psypath standing?


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Who will pay the price when Black and Calyx crawl back to the JCPD?

Though Black managed to defuse the escalating war for the time being, he has left himself, Calyx, and the rest of JC2 in a vulnerable position. Friendless on the streets, mistrusted by the police, Black knows that when his enemies come he will have no defense against them…and that is not an option. To keep Calyx out of danger and to re-position himself where he needs to be when the Silent City recovers and gears up for war again, Black decides to throw himself on the mercy of Captain Dickerson. But will the price he have to pay be too much? Or is there no limit to what Black is willing to do to keep the man he loves safe from harm?


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Black is powerless, but his new opponent might possess the power of the future. 

With Black back in Captain Dickerson’s good graces, a sense of calm has descended over the men of JC2.
Though Black is still psy-null, Calyx and he have managed to keep the secret from Kard and their enemies…for now. However, it’s a calm before the storm, for Dickerson has a new assignment: hunt down and kill the rogue telepath, Marcus Maze. While on the surface the assignment seems legit–Maze has been murdering the wives of prominent Juxtapose City citizens–Black begins to have his doubts, especially when he learns that Maze was a former subject of Dickerson’s experiments. What had the experiment entailed? How had it gone wrong and produced such a cold, calculating killer? And more worrisome: why does Black feel a kinship with a man seemingly intent on bringing Juxtapose City to its knees?


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The end is nigh. 

The hunt is on for the last of Marcus Maze’s robots and to destroy information he may have left behind after his death. Black and Calyx are interested in the robot, but they soon cross paths with forces who allege to be on their side but who are following a different lead: betrayal within the JCPD. As layers of secrets are peeled back and friends become foes, Black and Calyx face the growing possibility that the end of the line–war between normals and psypaths–is finally here.


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A Juxtapose City short story collection

Seduction and resistance go hand in hand in the world of Juxtapose City. Nine short stories explore alternate realities and possibilities between Calyx Starr, streetwise prostitute, and the object of his lustful fascination: the enigmatic Lieutenant Black. Sexy, dark, humorous, and emotional, spend time with your favorite dysfunctional couple.

It’s highly recommended that you read the JC novels first to avoid spoilers. These stories appeared originally on the author’s website JuxtaposeFantasy.

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A Juxtapose City short story

Calyx Starr and Black are friends, colleagues and lovers. They shouldn’t want anything more, should they? Black doesn’t think so, but when he goes on a four day fundraiser with Lieutenant Sundhill despite Calyx’s wishes, Black accidentally reveals a secret to Sundhill that changes his entire relationship with Calyx. Will he get home in time to prevent Calyx from doing something rash, or has Black ruined their chances of taking their relationship to the next level? This is a short story that is not part of the Juxtapose City canon and should be read as a ‘what if’ scenario.


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