Significant Other


When Ethan’s parents announce that they are coming to Las Vegas to visit him, he’s not sure if it’s the end of the world or a chance to finally come clean about his sexuality. While his relationship with them has always been strong, coming out as gay might change how they feel about him forever. But the thought of telling his parents about Max and uniting the people he loves most in the world is tempting. It’s a gamble he’s seriously considering taking.

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Whispersync and Audiobooks now available!

I’m pleased to announce that Descended from Dragons is now enabled for Whispersync and is available from as an audiobook. Supposedly it’s available on iTunes but I can’t find it so maybe it’s a few days out yet. Here are the links... read more

Coming in July

July is going to be an exciting month! Here’s what’s on the slate: Book 10 of Sin City, Significant Other Book 3 of Moonlight Dragon, Trouble with Gargoyles Between the Marshal & the Vampire, mmf menage standalone Audiobook of Dom of Las Vegas... read more

Fiction Written Under Pen Names

For those who are curious, I occasionally write fiction under pen names. I do this when I feel the audience for the genre might not share an interest in m/m romance (although I’ll keep you informed because you are open-minded 😉 ) I have an in-progress m/f... read more

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